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Costa Rica One Day Tours Descriptions from Arenal area


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Lake crossing to Monteverde

This service, half tour half transfer is an scenic, fast and the newest way to go or come from La Fortuna Arenal Volcano Area, to the Monteverde area.Around 7:30 a.m. we start picking everybody from the hotels in La Fortuna for a 30 minutes microbus drive to the Arenal Lake Dam. There we will aboard into a very comfortable and safe pontoon boat for a 30 to 40 minutes (aprox). ride to Río Chiquito, a little town at the other side of the lake. Arenal Lake is the largest and the most important lake inCosta Ri ca, it was man made in 1974 to provide hydroelectric energy for the country. It is also a place where you can find different kinds of resident and migratory birds. Sometimes mammals can be seen in the surroundings, also great views of the Arenal Volcano when it’s clear. Once at Río Chiquito, we’ll leave the boat and make a short break to strength the legs, then, another 1 1 / 2 hour microbus ride to get to the hotels in the Monteverde area, sometimes during the rainy season this transfer could take longer.

Departure: 7:30 / 11:30 / aprox
Duration:3 1/2 hours aprox
Includes: Boat & Transport
Recomendations: Binoculars, Camera, Don’t forget your luggage.

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Arenal Hanging Bridges

Arenal Hanging Bridges is a new tourism attraction in La Fortuna, only 4 km (2.5 miles) west of Tabacón within a 250 hectare (618 acre) reserve of primary forest. Visitor who love nature can enjoy 15 bridges from 5 to 100 meters long, friendly design along 3 km rain forest circuit of interpretive trails built with paving blocks to prevent slipping.The bridges are build of aluminum, galvanized steel and concrete, to ensure maximum security for their visitors. They were designed by structural engineers with the most demanding safety margins in the world.  Guided by a naturalist, who through the natural history will open for you the doors of a fascinating and colorful Tropical Rain Forest world. The imposing vistas of the Volcano from the hanging bridges over the forest, make a perfect combination for an unforgettable experience.

Departure: 8:00 or 14:00 aprox
Duration: 04 hours aprox
Includes: Cookies, Entrance free, Guide , Natural juices, Transport,Water
Recomendations: Binoculars,Camera,Hiking shoes,Light clothes,Repellent.

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Arenal Volcano hike & Hot springs

Before the active period of 1968, a lavish canopy of vegetation covered the Arenal Volcano. People that climbed Arenal’ s summit related that inside the crater there were big trees and at night, they slept in places where there was some heat due to small steam outlets. Right now the green area is located at the east side of the Mountain, and other little green parts can be seen on the north and the south of the volcano. Enjoy the most extraordinary view of the Arenal Volcano on a gentle Hike along the base of this marvelous “Mountain of Fire”. The Hike begins in one the trails close to the volcano, this trail will take us through the forest over recent lava flows and the area destroyed in 1968 now in the process of regeneration. We are going to be on this trail for about 2 ½ hours.At the hot springs our customers can enjoy a healthy and relaxing soak, it is also possible to see the Arenal Volcano activity from your comfortable spa. With the improvement of the road from Quesada City to La Fortuna, the number of local and foreign visitors has increased. Today it is possible to find all kinds of tourist facilities and the friendliness of the people in La Fortuna. On this tour you can choose between: Tabacón, Ecotermales, Baldí Hot Springs, make your choice we’ll take care of the rest.

Departure: 2:00 p.m and 3:00 p.m
Duration: 06 hours aprox
Includes: Dinner, Naturalistic guide, Transport.
Recomendations: Binoculars,Camera,Light sweater,long pants,Raincoat,Repellent,Sun lotion.

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Bird Watching Tour

Birds are most active early in the morning in the late afternoon as the day cools into evening. Join us for one or both of these walks in La Fortuna area or near your hotel, for an amazing display of tropical birds. You will have the opportunity to see toucans, parrots, oropendolas, colorful tanagers and parakeets. For the more experienced birdwatcher, we can focus on looking for Royal Flycatchers, White- fronted Nun birds, Cinnamon Woodpeckers and other less commonly seen species. We will tailor the tour for you. We will wrap up the tour by listing and discussing the birds we have seen.

Departure: 5.30 AM
Duration: 4 hours
Includes: Bilingual guide (English-Spanish),Cookies,Naturalistic guide,Water.
Recomendations: Binoculars, Camera, Hiking shoes,Raincoat, Repellent,Sun lotion.

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Caño Negro wildlife tour  

The Caño Negro Wildlife Refuge and the Rio Frío are biological humid areas considered to be one of the richest in biological diversity in Costa Rica. Here you can find a great variety of resident and migratory birds plus three different species of monkeys, also iguanas, sloths, turtles and caymans. The tour starts when we pick up all “Nature Lovers” from the hotel in a very comfortable bus for the 1-½ hour Transfer to Los Chiles, a culturally mixed village only 4-km from the Nicaraguan border. Here your boat waits for your river adventure, at that time we begin our 2 ½ hour floating safari through Tropical Rain Forest and pastures until we arrive at the marsh. An experienced English - Spanish speaking guide leads the tour. Some birds are residents in the area and it is possible to see hundreds of them especially during the dry season. Some of them are Anhinga or Snake - bird, Roseate Spoonbill, it is possible to see little groups of this bird eating in the surroundings of the river. Wood Storks, the Jabiru, the largest bird in Central America and very endangered. 

Departure: 7:30 a.m. aprox
Duration: 9 hours aprox
Includes: Bilingual guide (English-Spanish), Boat tour,Cookies, Natural juices,Transport, Typical lunch,Water.
Recomendations: Binoculars, Camera, Hiking shoes,Light clothes.

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Canopy Tour

Canopy is without doubt one of the most practiced sports adventure in Costa Rica this consists crossing from one tree to another on a cable all the way through the treetops of the rainforest. Ecoglide Arenal Park is one of the most recent adventure parks in Costa Rica, built according to standards required by the Costa Rican Institute of Tourism and insured by the National Insurance Institute. This Canopy is characterized by having two separate cables, the first is where We slide, the second is for safety. The tour consists in 12 cables and 14 platforms divided into two sections. Arenal Canopy Tour Ecoglide is distinguished from others by its privileged position at the foot of Arenal Volcano, its primary forest and have the highest safety standards for the sport of adventure and besides all this we have the ability to operate the tour at the time chosen by the customer.The Tarzan Swing is everyone's favorite, is jump into the void and swinging through the trees. Each platform has been designed to observe the forest from different angles allowing you to photograph the impressing scenery. Discover what adrenalin really means to nature lovers.

Departure: 8:00 a.m. / 11:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. aprox.
Duration: 3 1/2 hours aprox
Includes: Equipment, Guide, Helmet, Transport.
Recomendations: Hiking shoes, Long pants, restrictions apply for children under 8 years old, Sun lotion.

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Horseback riding to La Fortuna Waterfalls

The length of the tour is approximately four hours; from La Fortuna we have to go 5 ½ kilometers to the southeast. We spend 1 ½ hours to get to the rest site of the horses.
A beautiful example of the Costa Rican country site will be found along the way, cattle farms and agriculture, also the chance to see some birds as oropendolas and tucans. After that you have to walk five hundred meters into the forest to get to the waterfall, which is 70 meters high. At the base of the waterfall there is a “natural pool” where we can swim in the fresh water of La Fortuna river for about one hour.

Departure: 8:00 or 14:00 aprox
Duration: 04 hours aprox
Includes: Entrance free,Guide, Horse,Transport,
Recomendations: Bathing suit, Binoculars,Camera,Hiking shoes,Long pants,Raincoat, Towel.

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Lost Canyon Adventure Tour 

Canyoneering in Costa Rica is a brand-new sport that’s becoming very popular the world over! The rugged, mountainous terrain near the Arenal Volcano in Costa Rica is ideal for canyoning. You'll go rappelling, down-climbing, river tracing and descend huge, breathtaking waterfalls hidden in our Lost Canyon! Canyoning in Costa Rica is more than just rappelling -- it's a very active and physical sport where you use your whole body to make your way down a beautiful river canyon and hike through deep rainforest. Our Lost Canyon Adventure canyoning in Costa Rica is an experience of a lifetime – go where very few have had the privilege to roam!

Departure: 7.00 a.m. 10.00 a.m. and 01.00 p.m.
Duration:4 - 5 hrs
Includes: Bilingual guide (English-Spanish), Equipment, Guide, Helmet, Lunch, Refreshment.
Recomendations: Bathing suit, Bathing suit, Extra clothes to change, Hiking shoes, Light clothes.

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Mountain bike Adventure

This is one of the tours we offer for those who want to go on a bike trip to the area where the forest, the Arenal Volcano and the Lake meet and leads trough a beautiful trail.The tour starts from the Arenal Lake Dam, where we take an old trail into the forest. At the end of the trail we will arrive at the entrance of the Arenal Volcano National Park and then get on the way to the Observatory and back in the main road. On this trail we will have the chance to see many different birds, for example: Squirrel Cuckoos, Keel Billed Toucans Crested Guans, Slaty Tailed Trogons, Black Headed Trogons, Bare Throated Tiger Herons (, Laughing Falcons; as well as howler monkeys and raccoons.

Departure: 8:00 or 14:00 aprox.
Duration: 04 hours aprox
Includes: Assistance vehicle, Bike, Drinks, Guide, Helmet, Transport
Recomendations: Short pants,Sport shoes, Sun lotion,T-shirts

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Rafting Rio Balsa Class II & III  

Challenge yourself as you paddle through fun & safe rolling rapids with names like 'Morning Coffee' & 'Rock around the Croc' and then play around in tranquil river pools in an isolated rainforest river canyon! And only 30 minutes from La Fortuna! Your professional, experienced bilingual guides will give you a safety talk and paddling instruction, lifejackets, helmets & then you're off… Hopefully you'll get to see lots of wildlife like monkeys, sloths and tropical birds such as ospreys, oropendolas and toucans. This unique river trip is the best way to combine adventure and nature.

Departure: 10.30 a.m. aprox.
Duration: 4 1/2 hrs.
Includes: Boat, Equipment,Fruits snack and drinks, Guide,  Helmet, Life jacket, Lunch,Oars, Refreshment,Transport,
Recomendations: Bathing suit.

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Rafting Rio Toro Class III,IV   

Bring on the adrenaline!!! Río Toro is the placer for a full-day tour, class 3-4 rafting offers over 45-continuous rapids along more than 16 kilometres of deep-canyon gorges and waterfalls where we often see sloths, monkeys and tropical birds, such as toucans and the Montezuma Oropendula. Only 1 hour away from LaFortuna! Once at the river, our experienced guides will give you a thorough safety talk, get you set up with your helmet, life jacket and paddle and then you're off, we'll stop along the way for a nice, tropical fruit break and afterward we take you out for a typical Costa Rican “casado” lunch.

Departure: 8.30 a.m. aprox.
Duration: 7 hrs aprox.
Includes: Bilingual guide (English-Spanish), Boat, Drinks, Equipment, Fruits snack and drinks, Guide, Helmet, Life jacket, Lunch, Oars, Refreshment, Transport.

Sky Walk & Sky Tram   

Let’s go on a hike to this private reserve, enjoy a great variety of flora and fauna, visit a place where primary forest is the number one ingredient. Experience nature becoming part of it all at the waterfall with its colorful palette of transparencies. Swim in its enchanting sounds of nature and let the peaceful environment over come you. Walk on the hanging bridges and trails and allow us to share with you this unique ecosystem where pure air and the rain forest make a perfect combination And for a perfect ending will travel the Sky Tram: a 15 minunte aerial tram tour trought the rain forest from the “Miguel Angel” observatory to the guest hourse, where you will have spectacular views of the Arenal Volcano & Lake, and the Tilarán mountain range.

Departure: 8.00 - 14.00 aprox.
Duration: 4 hrs.
Includes: Cookies, Naturalistic guide,Water.
Recomendations:  Binoculars, Camera, Hiking shoes, Raincoat, Repellent,Sun lotion

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